Hello, mummers!

Well now. I suspect it’s time to start a real blog-type thing, so here it is. I’ve written a couple of mummers’ plays which have been performed by Rag Morris Mummers over the last couple of years; another one, which hasn’t, yet; and I’m about to assemble a more traditional script for us to take out to various festivals and so forth over the summer. So this is the place to find out a bit more about the background to what’s been happening, and perhaps what might be included in the next bout – the pre-inclusion, if you like.

The first play was entitled “The Nine Lives of Isambard Kingdom Brunel”, which we did perform in Bristol first in 2009, and then again at the first Bristol Folk Festival, which took place at the end of April 2011; and the chances are we’ll be doing it again somewhere else later in the year. We were then invited to perform a play at Bristol Zoo last Christmastime, so in order to please the residents, I put together one called “Prince Albert and the Lionheart”, with apologies to Marriott Edgar, and Queen Victoria, who was not amused.

So I’ll put up a couple of features about that kind of thing, and then we’ll find out what happens next. Thanks for dropping by.



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