• A preinclusion is something that ought to be included before everything else.
  • The conceptual equivalent of giving yourself a name that comes before “Aardvark” in the dictionary. (It’s worked before.)
  • ‘PREINCLUSION’ is a 12 letter word starting with P and ending with N

About : Gavin Skinner

Interactive Software Engineer

I have been living and working as an interactive multimedia software engineer in Bristol for 20 years and worked for the At-Bristol Science Centre for 16 years until May 2014, along with the associated IMAX Theatre and Wildscreen-At-Bristol interactive wildlife exhibition that closed in 2007. I helped to develop the IT infrastructure for the exhibitions and created over 100 interactive exhibits and experiences, hosted either in the permanent exhibitions, in touring exhibitions or online.

My key skills have been in developing software in Visual Basic, Director and Flash (AS2 and AS3) for exhibits through all stages of the software lifecycle, from specification to prototype, evaluation and delivery, designing touchscreen user interfaces and novel interactions. My software often uses object oriented programming techniques, networking protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP), XML or databases (Access, MS SQL Server, MySQL), and bespoke hardware interfaces (such as Cameras, various kinds of sensors, Arduinos and other microprocessors).  Many of the exhibits integrate with the At-Bristol “Explore More” website, allowing visitors with a barcode on their ticket to upload videos and other elements from their visit to their own online account.

I enjoy learning new software techniques and technologies and can work well on my own or in a team. I’m now contemplating my next career move, using my software design, organisational, creative and interpersonal skills to tell innovative stories and create novel interactive experiences.


I’ve written or adapted a number of mummers’ plays which have been performed by Rag Morris Mummers since 2009; and I have an ongoing mission to find new ways to create original plays and innovative approaches to staging older plays. So this is the place to find out a bit more about the background to what’s been happening, and perhaps what might be included in the next bout – the pre-inclusion, if you like.

The first play was entitled “The Nine Lives of Isambard Kingdom Brunel”, which we first performed in Bristol in 2009, and then again at the first Bristol Folk Festival, which took place at the end of April 2011 and at the first Mummers Unconvention in Bath in 2011. We were then invited to perform a play at Bristol Zoo for Christmas 2010, so in order to please the residents, I put together one called “Prince Albert and the Lionheart”, with apologies to Marriott Edgar, and Queen Victoria, who was not amused. We have also done our version of a traditional play based on the Robin Hood story, and our latest play tackles the tricky problem of the creation of the universe in the Big Bang.

So I’ll put up a couple of features about that kind of thing, and then we’ll find out what happens next. Thanks for dropping by.



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